Anti Money Laundering

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Anti Money Laundering training will provide a detailed analysis of Money Laundering methods and polices, legislation, and steps to measure techniques and implementation. Trainees will acquire the knowledge to understand the complex system involved in the prevention and the protection of their management assets. It involves schemes, different procedures available to show income, with records required, how to analyze them, and how to identify leads.

Taking into consideration on most current issues of violation of Anti-Money Laundering regulations and the expense associated with money and reputation, this course will make participants to understand the regulations Gulf and global to ensure organizations stay ahead in protecting their assets

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    • Module 1: Principles of Money Laundering
    • Module 2: Identifying indicators of illegal activities in bank records
    • Module 3: International development of law and regulation
    • Module 4: Methods of proving income
    • Module 5: Money Laundering schemes