Certified Compensation and Benefits Manager

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Compensation and benefits’ management is the category of human resource practice that works on behinds the scenes of HR management. The specialization in human resources performed by professionals in the field typically in-order to avoid for the seemingly complex nature and dependency on mathematics. By attending the training, you will change your mind about the HR specialty. Trainees will get the knowledge of an approach which is easy to understand and which explains the specifics of compensation and benefits. This approach will also help you in applying the principles of compensation and benefits practically at work.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define and demonstrate understanding of the importance of compensation to the overall aims of human resources management
  • Design a comprehensive compensation system
  • List the benefits of job evaluation and choose an appropriate system for own organization
  • Assess and provide advice on regional compensation practices
  • Recite the principal steps in a compensation survey and answer questions relating to the practicality of job matching to the success of any compensation survey


  • 0/7

    • Module 1-Introduction to Strategic Compensation and Pay Model
    • Module 2-Designing Internally Aligned Pay Structures
    • Module 3- Job Evaluation Methods
    • Module 4-Person Based Pay Structure
    • Module 5-External Competitiveness and Developing Pay Structure
    • Module 6-Pay for Performance Plans
    • Module 7-Talent Management and Benefits Determination