HR Practices – Competency Development and Implementation

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Competency Development practice in an organization into standardized approach based on real-time  observations and numbers is how the HR profession will attain its higher level. Training line managers with HR solutions based on competencies will assist the HR professionals to play a major partnership role. Get trained from us and acquire complete knowledge about competencies and start implementing business concept in HR department and in all of your HR practices and compliance. Course will give overall idea on all concepts based on competencies in an easy and interactive approach which will make you confident about HR topics.

Benefits of the course:

  • Define competencies, describe their history and explain the important role they play in human resources and the organization
  • Analyze the main components of a competency and the differences between each
  • Design and produce a competency framework and model by extracting competencies from business plans
  • Apply competencies in the recruitment and selection processes
  • Use competencies to assess training needs, identify talent pools and produce succession plans
  • Utilize competencies and behavioral indicators in performance appraisal systems
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    • Module 1: Human Resources Management (HRM)
    • Module 2: Competencies: history and definitions
    • Module 3: Competency frameworks and models
    • Module 4: Competency analysis
    • Module 5: Competency based selection
    • Module 6: Competencies in training and development
    • Module 7: Competency based appraisal systems